Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Waldorf Dolls - Make Your Own Multicultural Baby Dolls

I have to apologize for the hiatus from the blog. Things have been challenging, with multiple family crises / transitions, so blogging was low on the list of priorities. But I'm back, and can't wait to share some ideas, questions, steals and deals with you all.

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Today I came across this instructional post on how to make your own Waldorf dolls on the Living Crafts Blog. For the crafty among us, what a great way to make a soft, durable, lovable baby doll that can be made to reflect any child's skin tone and hair color. Waldorf dolls have minimal facial features and are often quite gender neutral in appearance. Because they are not hyper-realistic they are beloved for the way they inspire a child's own imagination. They are so much more huggable and squeezable than plastic dolls, and more eco-friendly. I grew up with Waldorf dolls of my own which have held up over time. You can make a baby doll with short hair or try using yarn to create braids or ponytails. Check it out. For a limited time you can download the pattern for free (click on the link for the PDF).

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