About Me

I am a foster parent, hopefully soon to be foster-adoptive parent. My foster children have various special needs. My significant other and I are trying to prepare financially for our family's future, including our hope to eventually have more children. We are learning how to live on a tighter budget so that we can afford to have only one parent working full-time due to our foster childrens' special medical and emotional needs. Most importantly, we want to learn to live within our means for the first time in our lives. This means using actual money instead of credit cards and finding ways to get out of debt and stay out of debt. This blog will document our learning to live within our means and our attempts to make our lives more "green" and less wasteful. We will share everything from great shopping deals on multicultural toys to ways to have fun without spending a penny. Foster and adoptive families have unique budget and lifestyle concerns which we hope to address. Please share your ideas! E-mail me.